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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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24-year-old amri. we'll bring you the latest from berlin in just a moment. donald trump just aaddreddresse in berlin. trump called the attack is an attack on humanity and have got to be stopped. we'll bring you those remarks in a few minutes. the latest from berlin, big news, authorities release a key photo of the suspect there. for more, lets turn to nbc, matt bradley in berlin, they are going after this guy, they are offering a reward as well, right? >> that's right. it is $100,000 reward and it is a continent wide manhunt. police are fanning out and investigate among the refugee circles and camps and other places where he may have been in the past.
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kate, i would care fly thlarify strong political impacts here and before it was clear, the man that authorities were pursuing was a xylem seeker. using this attack in order to pummel chancellor merkel. merkel allowed in basically immigrants all over the world. coming up here we'll see the real implications of this. going back to the investigation itself, this is an expansive investigation, $100,000 reward. now, it is hard to describe whether or not this is actually going lead to anything. a lot of the people and a lot of
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the warning posters have been passing out these leaflets warning that amri is armed and dangero dangerous. this reward is certainly would sweeten the deal. a lot of law enforcement here in germany are embarrassed that they have not caught him before. he had police run ins in three different countries. he's carried three different nationalities, tunisian and germany. he's been detained several times. he was marked for deportation earlier this year. so german authorities are wondering how a man like this who had been detained so many times and had been tipped off by passer bye
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passer by, how did this man is able to launch an attack in a couple of blocks two nights ago. >> but is it a lone wolf kind of situation? >> reporter: that part is unclear. what we do know is that some where in the cab of this or some point, this man who ever the perpetrator was, police are saying that, this man who they are pursuing is not the pe perpetrat perpetrator. he's strongly suspected. at some point who perpetrated this attack, killed the real driver of this car. a polish national and left his body in the cab of the truck which were found by investigators when they were recovered by all the evidence at the crime scene. there were the struggle within the cab from the car. it is possible that the polish driver was trying to stop the perpetrator from launching the attack and all of the signs
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coming from the body of that truck driver. she was bruised and some reports showing that he was stabbed and he was almost certainly shot for the shotgun or pistol. police have yet to recover that. still, a lot of forensic clues that have yet to reveal itself. matt bradley over in berlin following all of this for us. thank you, many politics, donald trump is in his estate in florida this afternoon. no interviews today with potential cabinet level appointees. the president-elect trump did receive a briefing though. this afternoon, team trump is facing new questions about inaugural events and donor access. this latest issues involving two adult sons and eric and donald jr. and promising access to the president elect. joining me now, msnbc's contributor, germany peters, nice to have you jeremy, how are
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you doing? >> i am good. thank you. >> a transition official told halie jackson, that trump's sons were not aware that they were being listed as directors for the newly formed entities. the original brochure offered hunting trips awith the trumps and down the wild tur kkeyturke. the newly revised brochure does not have this. what kind of blow back has this been? >> this cuts right to the core of donald trump's vowed to drain the swamp as he likes to say. this is anything but.
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he's as somebody who ran a campaign pledging not to be influenced boo i the special interest, this under cuts the theme of his candidacy. >> this is not something that we have not seen from other politicians including democrats, and not at least of which would include the clintons. lets not forget, he ran a campaign to be the anti-clinton. >> that's ironic of this whole thing. that's what he called out the clintons for of this play for play or access or given donations. >> that's exactly right. now, he's risked looking like he's disregarding all of the campaign pledges. >> i think this is going to be something that they continue to struggle with. this is a large transition team and a large inaugural committee and one handed. we are not always going to know what the others are doing. it fits with the pattern of this type of behavior from the top trump, the trump family itself.
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you have ivanka, who has taken meetings while she's promoting her own personal brand. are you surprised at all by that? >> it is another example of what we were just talking about. cashing in. corey lewandowski was not going to go to the white house. the trump's children opposed of any type of west wing drjob for him. they were the ones who --
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>> all right, jeremy peters, with the new york times and our msnbc analyst, thank you very much, happy holidays. >> thank you, happy holidays to you. lets turn to the latest fire explosion in mexico city. you are starting to hear from witnesses down there. kerry, tell us what people are saying? >> reporter: well, it is a horrible situation here. so many people are wondering whether their loved ones got separated in the situation. i want to step out to show you the size of this devastation. i mean it is about four football
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fields here. they estimates there were about 100 tons of fire works here and all went off at one point or another and sort of a chain reaction of an explosion. they are not sure of the cause yet. we know there are more 30 dead. you can see in a distance there is team there wearing white suits, they have been going through the remains here. families want to know even if their loved ones have died or bodies can be recovered. there is also those at the hospital literally fighting for the lives. at this hour, there is one child who's being taken to the hospital, we have some pictures of the airplane that is waiting to take this child along with his aunt and sister who'll accompany him to galveston, texas where the shriner had a hospital there to help this young boy. there are other children and victims that need that sort of specialized care. they are such bad shape that the authorities and the doctors are afraid that if they move them,
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that could cause more problems. when the explosion took place here, it was one followed by many others. there were some folks who were not on the field there. across the street where i am standing described what felt like a war zone. this is what a young 12-year-old boy had to tell me. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: so for those who don't know where their loved ones are.
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this is what they become sort of a mission of getting these sorts of flyers out with their pictures, handing them out to anybody saying have you seen my loved ones. as authorities are continuing to comb through there. we know the death toll stands at 31. there were 32 plus that were unaccounted for. in the hospitals they say some of those actually had been released and that's the one piece of good news, six people who were taken to the hospital have been released. so many more people right now fighting to stay alive. kate. >> you really feel for those families. kerry, thank you very much, the latest developments of the after math of the berlin attack of the investigation continues. a claim of responsibilities of what that mean in this process, up next.
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as we mentioned donald trump is at his florida estate in florida. he addressed the attack in germany and asked about the muslim ban that he brought up in the past, take a listen. [ inaudible ]
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>> for fmore now, i want to brig in our new york correspondent following all things isis and terror related. it is nice to see you. lets talk about the europe manhunt under way, we had a report from matt bradley, he got away after the attack. what are we seeing and what kind of errors are we seeing about his background and possible connection to the islamic states? >> german officials have identified him as anis a. we know he's a tunisia refugee and he was staying in the city of germany. we know that the person he was living with was somebody arrested for ties at the islamic state. the distance to the islamic state is getting shorter. the associated press just reported that he was apparently under surveillance by german
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intelligence. >> oh, really, i have not seen that. >> for months now. it is puzzling that the very people that are under surveillance are being watched are somehow able to essentially slip the yolk and still doing these terrible acts. >> as you are on your way, information about his name did come up. information of his name did come out, anis amri, is what they are calling him now. >> they have not said that they claim responsibilities. what do you make of all that? >> exactly, the outlet that took responsibility for it is a mock which is isis -- >> so if there is associated press. >> exactly. this very much is an official claim of responsibility by isis. >> all of the previous attack that we have seen where isis
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claims credit, it is always amri taking credit first. >> do you think he's inspired by isis or directed? >> it is too early to tell. officials are quick to call this thing as a lone wolf attack. the reason is they're not trying to deceive anyone but the early days of investigation, that ties to the islamic states are not clear. as they get into their electronics and phones and chats, little by little and many of these cases, we are seeing a lot of connectiveties. >> isis encouraged followers to do just this and use -- they put e pli s explicit instructions about this. do you think this show and i don't mean to praise them in any way. does this show strengths of the organization? >> i have been saying for years that we have under estimated the
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islamic state. yes, the majority of the memberships are 19 years old and 20 years old. we forgot that being young is not a barrier to carry out a horrible act of killings. anyone can drive a truck. >> germany is about to have an election next year. >> timing is a coincidence do you think or purposeful? >> i think the timing here is christmas. >> this is the third attack that we are seeing and that appears to be targeting a christmas event. the first one was in the city of france, a couple of weeks ago. french officials say they are planning an i minent attack. >> in november of this year and germany and a smaller town a 12-year-old boy was wipicked up. germany reported that he was directly in touch with isis who
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was teaching him how to make the bombs. we now have a third event, sadly, a successful one for isis and tragic for the people who lost their lives. >> it explains why authorities in this country are on high alerts. thank you very much, it is great to have your perspective. >> this one featuring an american woman and her family and her two young children all being held hostage in afghanistan. after the break, andrea mitchell joins me on what the u.s. is trying to do to free the couple and their toddlers. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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now to the hostage story, the couple is being held by the he taliban. efforts are under way to free
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the two and their two children. the taliban released this propaganda video of the family, monday, as a way to make the terror's group demand. senator reid says every option is being explored including using the military. i don't think we ex clused anything. the key thing is to ensure that these young people are not harmed in any way. that's the first and the second is to secure their freedom as quickly as possible. i think we are looking at every option. we are very concerned about undually injuring any way and prompting the taliban to do something. andrea mitchell is joining me now. >> we can infer from what senator reed has said that all aspects are being explored and john kirby today said every agency is involved and they are
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in close touch with the family. this is her parents in pennsylvania and they live near york pennsylvania and praying for a miracle. th >> growing concerns about a family about family held hostage by the taliban after the terror group released this video showing american hostage clearly under duress and her canadian husband and their two young boys born in captivity. >> a small town girl from steward town pennsylvania, she left home to explore the world four years ago. everything seemed to be normal and she was a little bit quieter than usual. other than that, not that
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different. kate was already pregnant of her first child. >> an american mom with two kids who have grown up under the taliban. you can imagine how horrific that must be. >> now, years later, she's transformed and her mother has said with sad eyes. u.s. officials say komen is reading from a script, begging president obama to bring her home. >> obama, your legacy of leaving your office is important to you. if time runs out for president obama, caitlin addressing his successor. >> donald trump, i want money and power and friends. you must give them these things before progress can be made. >> her parents in june appealing to her captures. >> as a man, father and now gra grandfather, i am asking you to show mercy and release my daughter and her husband and their beautiful children. >> we should note that the
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komens have not seen those children. they did not know until they got word fs that there was a second taliban. they had not known when she left with her husband on this adventure that ended terribly. they are demanding for a terror swap. perhaps in guantánamo or some in u.s. custody. president obama did release five taliban prisoners to get back bow bee bergdahl. that created a political storm for the white house of 2014. as you know there is been criticisms from the other hostage families, the follys and the muellers who felt that not enough is being done.
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this is a terrible situation especially going into the holidays. >> it is. i am stunning to hear you say that the grandparents did not know those grandchildren existed. >> what is the policy of the obama administration and in terms of negotiations and paying ransoms. i thought i remember that if they don't pay ransoms -- >> they don't. they always had that policy. over the way that families were tweeted and foleys were out spoken with this. their fbi handler -- they felt was an an antagonist and we know that italian and france and other hostages -- isis can get out and the uk and u.s. refused to negotiate and refused to make payments. so in june of 2015, the president came out and said with some ambiguity that the fbi will no longer take that hard stance.
12:29 pm
there would be no prosecution of these families if they want to make sheer otheir own deals and money privately. they want their prisoners back. for bowe bergdahl, they did get five high level prisoners back who were supposed to be in house arrest. >> andrea mitchell. thank you, we appreciate it. so much. >> europe, a multi national manhunt under way for this man, german police put out that photo a short time ago, he's 25-year-old, tunisian. they are searching for him of the attack at berlin christmas market. defused by an 80 pop star, richard marx helps subdue the passenger and the whole thing caught on video by his wife. >> daisy fuentes and more on
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that in a moment. the clock is ticking down on the dow today. we'll see if it krogcrossing 24 marks. >> lawmakers are preparing to vote on the state's controversial so called bathroom bill. hb 2, requires gender people to use the bathrooms that matched the genter that was identified at birth. >> earlier today, the charlotte city council repealed that ordinance. lets get to msnbc's mariana. this is sort of a deal that if one thing was revoked, they could revoke the others. explain that. >> that's right kate. the charlotte city council were not discrimination. it is part of a deal to repeal hb 2. the problem is if that repeal is just not going to as smoothly as
12:31 pm
expected. >> how republicans cannot even get a bill to the floor right now. they have been caucusing in the past for the past couple of hours and they keep on extending their recess every 30 minutes and everyone here is waiting anticipating. i want to read you a statement of dan foster, that really speaks to this resistance by republicans to this repeal. >> this is what he says. no economic or idealolog idealology -- that's how some how republicans are feeling right now. >> meanwhile, the senate over here to my right, they passed two of their own bills in the past couple of hours. the first is their bill to repeal hb 2 and the second act is a six-month moratorium of the
12:32 pm
government imposing their ordinances. one of the senators who backs one of the senate bails, senate jeff jackson tweeted out, lets vote. the senate did this as a way to nudge the house to get the voting under way. >> democrats here believed they have done their part in making this repeal a reality and republicans that are struggling within their own party with this issue and it looks like we maybe here for a long niepght, kate. >> is there a deadline or do they have to get it done by a certain time or not? >> they don't have to get it done by a certain time. the charlotte city councils did vow that if the repeal did not happen, they're going to revive that non discrimination ordinance and they have to do it by this year. they have to do it by the end of december. >> got you. >> mariana. thank you very much. >> i want to bring in ou
12:33 pm
our -- thomas, it is nice to see you. >> you are cringing as you are listening to her report? >> i am clinchings is that what we have to remember is this is not just about bathroom, it is about honoring young people and allowing them to leave authentic lives. and studying surveys on surveys showing that ltb use are most hara harassed. this is about letting them be who they are. >> it is becoming all wrapped up in politics in north carolina. >> the backlash of north carolina had been fierce. they lost jobs and. do you think ultimately they'll get there and repeal it?
12:34 pm
>> i do. sometimes people need the nudge and they need education and to be reminded that there is a rekoursz ar recourse and. right now there are young lives and thousands that are relying on passing on and getting r rid -- we are sending this. >> are you hearten that they might -- are you disappointed they have to take away their charlotte ordinance? >> right, i have to stay out of their politics. i think the reality of the time that we live in and the fact that at hmi, everyday it is around the challenges, young people who are facing here and the now and what do we have to do in the here and now. they cannot wait for us to politically figure this stuff out. >> so i am heartening at the end
12:35 pm
of the day that this is happening. >> if it indeed happens. >> this law has gotten so much attention this year. if you look back in 2016, do you feel positive of the year that we had or a lot of advancement for the rights that you tried to protect? >> i felt incredibly positive and now i am feeling nervous. >> about 2017? >> young people are scared. they turn to us of questions and there is a lot of apprehensions and they're scared of what the future holds. >> what do they say to you? >> all of the gains they have not witnessed, will they be reser rescinded and taken away. >> athomas, it is always great o
12:36 pm
have you here. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. >> president obama is on vacation with his family. when you are president, you don't really get a vacation. while he's in honolulu, president obama signed an order banning offshore oil and areas of the atlantic and arctic ocean. we'll be right back with details about that. they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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president obama on vacation in hawaii until the new year. that does not stop him from getting some final things done. there are new environmental protections and joining me now from what has to be the best assignment location ever. steve patterson, in honolulu, look at how warm it is there. >> serious news, give us an update. i know it is not a vacation. what are you up to. >>. >> reporter: i will tell you the temperatures and swaying in the sunset at night or how the waves
12:40 pm
are going to lure you to sleep. i a.j. the president is joining the same sort of thing. >> the day-to-day stuff is much of the same. they stay at the same town and beaches and shopping. the president is doing a lot of golfing. in the background of this, there seems to be a lot of work going onto cement legacy and pushing last minute items through as possible and we'll be protected from the next income administration. >> the lathest was about environmentalist. the president using this little known last minute law that they'll protect hundreds of millions of acres of federal land in both the arctic and atlanta i can oce atlanta. they're working in concert with the canadian prime minister so
12:41 pm
they can get their money double down. >> for the next conclude president, not to relers that in fact. >> that'll be badge by the negotiations. >> reiight before that, the president obama granted 231 people in one day. one of the biggest of his presidency in one day. we commuted, 78 people commuted to sentences of 103 people sbringing the atotal to -- one of the largest app of president power former si and clearly a whole mart of his at minute strags, people are still bussing and about that interview
12:42 pm
from michelle obama and oprah. a lot of work is being done of a lame duck presidency. it is port wo it is worth it. >> how long is the president staying there? >> the president and the first family got here on friday. they are going to be done on january 2nd in between there, there will be a historic invite from the prime minister of japan, japa. >> so they're still sincere side to to have and obviously, he's going to visit the troops on krchristmas christmas. he will we back in the white house for the last few days right before the naug raegs. >> all right, steve pattern son. appreciate all the news. you can take off you were coat
12:43 pm
you. >> go enjoy. on the mark. richard marx helps a passenger. the flight you crew was quote, ill prepared and all documented by his wife, daisy flint tuente. we have all the details. up next.
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lets talk now about the '80s pop star. back in line today, he's a real live hero today, his wife said that he was the first to jump into action when a man on their flight began attacking crew members and passengers and she caught it on her phone. scotty schwartz has the story for us. >> they are back home safe here in los angeles. richard marx and daisy
12:47 pm
fluentess. and they tell us this flight lasted four hours. >> ahmad air may day. >> passengers aggressive and bill -- getting a helping hand from richard marx. ♪ >> in pictures posted to his wife daisy's facebook page, mark is seen holding a rope. >> he was the title of the out of control passenger. >> other pictures showing flight attendance armed with a taser and struggling. >> a guy sitting the next row from us got crazy and started attack the passengers. he pulled the female staffs. >> marx performed some of the
12:48 pm
hits that made him famous. >> on board, no one was seriously injured. marx's criticized korean air flight attendants for their response writing the all female clues were clue lessed a and ho train it. >> they did not how to usatio u taser. >> korean air released a statement the flight attendant dependant did not fire the taser as the unruly passenger was moving around. >> marx taking to twitter saying he's not a hero. i just did what i hope anyone would do in the same situation. >> kate, get this. when that plane landed in south korea. that man was detained by airport
12:49 pm
police. he was quickly released and now we understand that we'll have another local jurisdiction and south korea taking over the investigation. definitely, a wild ride for both of them. >> it is a whieild story. first, i want to go to breaking news that we are getting in. this is about the german attack. the father of the point-to-point that german that everyone is looking for. the father of this man says this his left tunisia two years ago. he spent four years in prison in italy after accusations of setting fire at a school. >> the father tells his radio station and had a criminal history into tunisia as well.
12:50 pm
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now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. so to say the least 2016 has been quite a year. history was made several times and how humanity reacted for better or worse. ann thompson looks back at the most pivotal moments of the year. 2016, the year of the unexpected. of triumphs long sought and tragedies no one saw coming. >> i don't know where my son is. no one can me where my son is. >> we cried and prayed and hugged and promised collectively never again. >> yet those sworn to protect
12:54 pm
under attack and under suspicion. division in the streets and in our homes. a caustic presidential candidate. >> she is crooked as a $3 bill. >> you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorables. >> the chattering needs to talk to her. we couldn't stop watching even when we wanted to. >> we haven't. >> those nominees dogged by past. no matter where you go, history was made. the first time a major party nominated a woman for president and the first time the nation elected a president with no government or military experience. >> i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together. >> we did come together in the summer to collectively cheer
12:55 pm
america's incredible olympians who proved to be the world's best in rio with one glaring exception. we saw dramatic change, six decades bridged when president obama visited cuba. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of cold war of the americas. >> cuba buried the last soldier of that war, fidel castro. elsewhere, there was no change. only more unspeakable horror. aleppo will join the ranks of those events in world history that define modern evil, that stain our conscious decades later. >> we lost legend who is reminded us all of our own mortality. and yes, we also saw the best of us. in more heroism. in competition, compassion, hope
12:56 pm
to build on for the new year. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. >> quite a year. we'll be right back, but first a quick programming note. tune in to the rachel maddow show tonight. secretary of homeland scare jeh johnson will discuss this week's terror attacks and the transition tonight right here on msnbc. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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ifbe ow y ge ldbeulmir ch ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. that's going to do it for me at this hour. i will see you tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 eastern and nightly news for the next couple of nights on nbc. you can find me on snap chat, twitter and instagram. katie turr in washington. >> you look summery in the hot pink. >> good afternoon, everyone. topping the agenda, manhunt in europe. german authorities zeroed in on a suspect in monday's attack on
1:00 pm
a berlin christmas market that left a dozen people dead. the president-elect is reupping the calls for stricter regulations on muslim immigration into the u.s. >> this as trump meets with the national security adviser michael flynn today. as democrats gear up to fight the key appointments. the state legislator meeting to appeal on the controversial bathroom bill. >> they are put at direct risk every single day since it was passed. >> republicans are fighting the appeal and leaving the fate of the bill uncertain. a vote can come d


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